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The Institute for High-Performance Computing and Networking is an institute of the National Research Council of Italy, which has its headquarter in Rende (CS) and two Support Operating Units in Naples and Palermo.

The Support Operating Unit in Naples, which is participating to the ALPHA project, conducts research activities in the fields of the knowledge representation and discovery, Pervasive and Mobile Computing systems, e-Health systems, intelligent systems, and of the human computer interaction paradigms.

CNR-ICAR, in the context of current or recently completed projects, has developed skills in the field of software techniques and solutions for the tele-monitoring and “smart” management of sensory data, including specific applications for healthcare; in the field of Intelligent Environments, including Ambient Assisted Living; and in the field of the tools and technology infrastructures for the system interoperability, with particular reference to the systems used for the electronic health records.


The Institute of Informatics and Telematics of CNR carries out activities of research, assessment, technology transfer and training in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and of Computational Sciences. The rapid growth of Internet, its services and applications, is unrelenting and opens up new and fascinating scenarios of still unexplored research and development. Internet is ever more widespread and pervasive also in new applications such as Smart Cities and Communities, constantly enhancing its strategic role for the social, cultural and economic growth of the whole of humanity.

From December 2012 IIT-CNR has an Organization Support Unit in Rende at the University of Calabria. The CNR-IIT of Rende, which is participating to the ALPHA project, carries out activities as information and knowledge management, with a particular focus on document management, methodologies definition for classification and indexing systems of digital documents, construction of multi-domain thesaurus and classification system, data coding. The application domains are Public Administration, e-Health, tourism and construction industry.


The Neurogenetic Regional Centre (NRC),  (,, located in the Lamezia Terme Hospital (CZ) was officially established in 1996 through a specific Regional law aiming to join the research activity and the assistance to patients affected by hereditary neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders. It is a public centre, economically supported by the Calabria Region. Within its organization, the Association for Neurogenetic Research (non lucrative association) develops its activity supporting the research and the families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, even rare. The research interest is to identify new genes/mutations or risk factors, causing or modulating, diseases such as the different forms of degenerative dementias and psychiatric illness among Calabrian founder populations where they have been described in several genetic isolates representing in that way an interesting tool of research. Furthermore, these populations are a suitable model for studying complex traits allowing to dissect the different load of environmental and genetic factors. The NRC has three units:  the clinical unit  is dedicated to  neurodegenerative disorders patients; the lab unit is a modern and fully equipped laboratory of molecular genetics with a large biological bank ; the third is a data management unit dedicated to the organization of the all, clinical, biological, pedigree related and historical collected data. The NRC has a long-lasting collaboration with several Italian and foreign research Institutes with respect to topics like: dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, genealogical studies and founder population.